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Smash Burger Buy One Get One at Jacksonville Beach

Smash Burger Jacksonville
630 Atlantic Blvd
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
(904) 241-2666

Smash Burger Review from…

I placed an order for a buffalo chicken sandwich and a side of sweet potato smashfries. I also couldn’t resist ordering a side of fried pickles. I love me some fried pickles. They said they would bring our food out to us so we went and found a seat. Since this was a promo event, they had several of their food items set out on a table. On this table they had several of their salad items. I’m assuming this is because they didn’t expect anyone to actually order these, and still wanted to showcase them.

Look at this Cobb Salad! Looks pretty delish (for a salad) to me! It has real chicken on it and is on a mixed greens rather than iceberg lettuce.

And the blue cheese lettuce wedge. I never quite understand why anyone orders these, since iceberg lettuce basically has no nutritional value. but hey, it sure does look pretty!

One of the first things I noticed that made them stand out from other fast food restaurants was that they actually had silverware! Not plastic sporks.

Mmmm and now my food arrived. It really did look great. Know what? It tasted great too!! The sweet potato fries were crispy but soft on the inside. The chicken sandwich was great and was actually chicken. It wasn’t a processed chunk of meat formed into the shape of chicken.

Look how THICK the pickle slices are!

Posted on February 2, 2013

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