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Jacksonville Beach Rock Climbing Wall Rentals

Rock Climbing Wall Rentals
Backyard Carnivals Jacksonville Beach
5570 Florida Mining Blvd S #506,
Jacksonville, FL 32257
(904) 992-0056

Looking for a centerpiece attraction at your next special event? Backyard Carnivals Party Rentals has the largest rock climbing wall in the Jacksonville area. It towers beyond expectation and can accomodate climbers all day long, even long Jacksonville summer nights. The safety system guarantes a smooth operation in both a safety and participant through-put.

Call Backyard Carnival now to rent our rock climbing wall at 904-992-0056!

Let’s talk about Rock Climbing Wall Rental safety. The climber, ie your guest, has a harness which is carefully attached by our Rock Climbing Wall professional attendants. The safety line features an auto-belay, so the climbers aren’t dependent on a human to pay attention and pull back on the line if they start to fall.


Posted on February 7, 2014

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